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From dust-tight to containment

The use of new pharmaceuticals, including highly potent active pharmaceutical ingredients (HPAPI) is increasing. Containment has become a key issue in production. The minimum standard for tablet presses will soon be “dust-tight” systems.

The new I Series already features a consistent dust-tight design already in its basic version. The new window flaps with double safety barrier systems also help ensure operator protection when using active substances. The press room is designed to optimize cleaning. Around 50 percent of all enclosure parts and components have been removed, thus reducing the surfaces to be cleaned by around 70 percent. The tablet discharge is a completely new feature; it is suitable for all standard formats and is entirely dust-tight. This improves the workplace quality and operator protection while product losses and cleaning effort are reduced to a minimum.

If containment is also required, an appropriate solution can be swiftly found using the Containment Guard option. Appropriate means, that the system is tailored exactly to your needs and not over-specified. With the help of the Fette Compacting Containment Guard you will have a reliable basis for evaluating your individual containment levels based on precise exposure measurements.

Learn more about the Containment Guard by following this link: